Freestyle bathrooms temporarily locked

The bathrooms at Freestyle Academy are now being locked as a preventative measure against vandalism and suspected drug and cigarette usage.

According to Freestyle Coordinator and English teacher Gordon Jack, yesterday morning, Thursday, January 7, Web/Audio teacher Leo Florendo found two non-Freestyle students exiting a bathroom that smelt of cigarette and marijuana smoke.

As a result, Florendo decided to start locking both the men and women bathrooms during the day in order to deter this type of activity. Freestyle students can now only access the bathrooms by requesting keys.

Freestyle’s location between Mountain View High School and Alta Vista High School means many non-Freestyle students tend to walk through the campus in order to reach their classes.

Florendo said he informed both Mountain View High School principal Keith Moody and Alta Vista High School principal Bill Pierce about yesterday’s incident.

Florendo also said that this will be a temporary measure that will probably only last through January. The Freestyle staff had also adopted a similar policy last year where the bathrooms were locked for three weeks due to messes caused by wet paper towels.

“We have to do what we have to do,” Florendo said.