Freestyle Academy Holds Exhibit

Yesterday, October 30, the Freestyle Academy hosted an exhibit to showcase its juniors’ first quarter work. In the Freestyle alternative program for Mountain View and Los Altos, students experiment with different sources of media, such as design, film or web audio alongside their English classes.

“It’s really cool because the teachers give a lot of guidance, but in general you get to create what you want because they really value students’ ideas,” junior Bronwyn Thomas said.

The exhibit was held for the students to display their most recent and refined works.

“I was really impressed seeing everyone else’s work and it felt nice seeing people admire my own work too,” Bronwyn said. “It was kind of like a stamp of approval for sharing a part of myself with other people.”

This exhibit completed the Self Portrait unit in Freestyle.

“It was really nice seeing how our ideas turned into real pieces of art,” Bronwyn said.