Fraîche Freezes the Fruit For the Flurry of New Customers

Blending together organic healthy ingredients in the back room of the store, Fraîche workers have found a way to deliver healthy and delicious European-style yogurt and frozen yogurt to anyone venturing through downtown Palo Alto. Located on Emerson Drive off of University Avenue, the 11-month old store has served a multitude of satisfied customers who cannot get enough of the refreshing yogurt and many natural fruit toppings.

A much healthier alternative to the typical ice cream or gelato, Fraîche yogurt, whether frozen or in the classic form, provides a great deal of calcium along with other benefits.

When combined with toppings such as strawberries, raspberries, mangos, pineapples, olallieberries, granola and many others, the cool treats attract hundreds of customers every week. For those who are new to yogurt, the classic variety has an appealing texture and assumes the flavor of whatever fruit or sauce it is combined with. The frozen variety is very similar to ice cream, only not as dense or quite as sweet.

To ensure the health value of their products, owners Patama Roj and Jessica Gilmartin make sure every yogurt is made from scratch in the small dairy plant in the back of the store, using only local Clover organic milk and their unique probiotic-focused culture. There are no added ingredients such as preservatives, colorings or gelatins, and the cost is relatively low.

The regular yogurt is made using either whole milk, 2-percent milk or nonfat milk, and the frozen yogurt is offered in fat-free natural, 98 percent fat-free valrhona chocolate or 99 percent lactose-free soy.

But be warned, if you are seeking sugar-filled ice cream or trying to gain weight, Fraîche will not satisfy your needs, so look elsewhere, maybe at the nearby gelateria.

In addition to specializing in yogurt, Fraîche also offers baked goods and homemade oatmeal for those in need of a healthy breakfast. As for drink selections, one can enjoy “blue-bottle organic coffee” as well as other beverages such as hot chocolate and various bottled drinks.

With an inviting ambiance and a modern, clean setup, the store is truly appealing to teenagers and adults alike.

Fraîche is open until 10:30 p.m. on Sunday-Thursday and until 11 p.m. on the weekend, so should a person find themselves wandering through Palo Alto at night with a craving for a healthy substitute for ice cream, Fraîche is the place to go.

Combining healthy, organic ingredients to form homemade yogurts that will satisfy all but the sugar-crazed, Fraîche provides a new alternative to ice cream and a unique place to frequent during the nearing summer.