Football Stumped By Fremont 0-47 at Homecoming Game

The varsity boys football team lost to Fremont High school 0-47 today, November 2. While the team was motivated to win its Homecoming game, its ambitions were stymied by Fremont’s swift offense. Los Altos was fighting an uphill battle 22 seconds into the game, when Fremont made its first touchdown.

By the end of the first half, the Eagles were down 0-28. Many chances for the team to change the momentum were created during the second half, but were not accomplished due to Fremont overwhelming the team’s attempts to score. The team couldn’t put together solid drives throughout the game.

As a result, Fremont was able to maintain a constant pace throughout the entire game, consistently scoring at least two touchdowns every quarter. Quarterback junior Lambie Lanman believes that higher quality tackling was needed to stop Fremont’s offense.

“One of the things we needed to improve on was our tackling,” Lambie said. “Missing tackles hurt us in both the offense and the defense.”

Many key opportunities for the Eagles to mount a comeback was halted by their inability to either maintain possession of the ball or take down the opposing player with the ball. The top two most tackles were made by junior Dakota Kratzer and senior Jasper Vera, who had five and four tackles respectively.

Despite their loss today, Lambie was content with the overall performance during the game today because of the team’s effort. He himself threw for 105 yards throughout the course of the game. Lambie saw that the most important piece of the game was that the team gave their best effort.

“We committed to go hard the entire way,” Lambie said. “What the team and I got out of this game is the importance of giving no less than a 110%.”

[Photos by Jade Perry]