Football Routs Gunn

It was all working for the Eagles today. Every part of the machine worked smoothly as the offensive line gave senior quarterback Lambie Lanman plenty of time in the pocket and receivers made themselves open for plays. Los Altos football team beat the Gunn Titans today 41-27.

“We keep saying if we win we’re in and if we lost we aren’t,” Lambie said. “After today we’re still in and have a shot at playoffs so we just need to take it one game at a time.”

Junior Patrick McColl, on defense, forced two fumbles and had an interception. Junior Sean Lanoza had two interceptions and senior Ofisa Pati scored off of a fumble. This victory brings the Eagles to a record of 1-1 in league and 6-1 overall. It was a promising recovery from the Eagles’ first loss this year which occurred just last week against Homestead.

On top of improved offensive and defensive lines and learning to play as a cohesive unit, Eagle football has seen comradery play an important role in this season’s successes.

“There is so much love that goes around the locker room,” senior Max Wilber said. “These people are like my family.”

The Eagles face a tough opponent next Thursday, Monta Vista, which is 3-0 in league.