Football Player Returns to School Following Injury During Practice

Senior Niko Rose was removed from varsity football practice by an ambulance on Tuesday, September 6 upon suffering an injury from a full-contact drill. He was taken to the hospital and returned to school today, September 7.

“He didn’t really know what was going on,” junior David Harry said. “He said it was something on his hip.”

After the collision, Niko kept an ice pack on his hip, and Head Coach Bill Waggoner and JV Assistant Coach Randy Jimenez came to assist Niko.

“Bill called me over after Niko go hit after a tackling drill,” Jiminez said. “Since the trainer wasn’t here he called me. He said he had some pain on his hip and right side of the stomach.”

Jiminez, along with Waggoner assisted Niko until the ambulance arrived. After Niko was securely put on the stretcher into the ambulance, teammates checked up on Niko.

“We were concerned, and that’s why we started clapping to cheer him on before he left,” David said.

Teammates welcomed their fellow player back to school.

“I talked to him today, he said he was okay,” David said. “He said it was a bad hip, but he says he’s okay.”

There are still doubts on whether or not he will be eligible to play the team’s season opener at Santa Clara this Friday, September 9.

“I saw him in the hallway today walking it out, don’t know if he’s going to be ready for the game, but that’s Waggoner’s call,” Jiminez said.