Football Loses 34-13 to Strongest Team in Division

The Eagles faced off against Sacred Heart Prepatory yesterday, September 17 and lost 34-13.

Sacred Heart, the strongest team in the division, scored five touchdowns while the Eagles scored two, the second of which the Eagles were not able to follow up with the point after touchdown. The Sacred Heart Gators made the rest of their points through field goals and safeties.

The Gators led 6-0 in the first quarter. In the second quarter, senior quarterback Todd Grimm threw for a 14-yarder to wide receiver senior Bemi Omnipede for the Eagle’s first touchdown. The Eagles were then able to come back fresh and score another touchdown with Todd’s 11-yard pass to wide receiver senior Daniel Eaton after halftime. However, the Gators ran off–literally–with the victory.

“It was disappointing,” Todd said. “It was a difficult game because we had so many injuries. Considering our team is pretty small, we put up a fight.”

Senior David Mathew, the starting running back for the Eagles, was injured during the game, and this could be a potential reason for the low score.

The team’s next game is against Lynbrook High School on Saturday, September 24 at 1:30 p.m. for its Homecoming game.