Football Loses 12-14 to Harker

Varsity football lost to Harker School 12-14 today, October 13. Despite the loss, it was clear that the players worked together and came close to victory. Quarterback junior Lambie Lanman threw 170 yards, showing fans that the team meant business.

Starting off slow, the first quarter passed with no touchdowns from either team. After Harker scored in the second quarter, Lambie passed to junior Victor Ruiz and scored Los Altos’ first touchdown of the game.

As the game progressed, both teams fought hard for a victory and in the last quarter, Harker came out on top. However, the team’s spirit is not down, as they came close to bringing home a victory.

“This is probably the best game we have played so far as a team,” Coach Martin Aycott said. “We played together great as a group.”