Football Drops First League Game

Los Altos football (now 4-1) dropped its first league game of the season yesterday, October 11, losing 24-42 against Homestead (4-1).

Quarterback Christopher Lanman, who has had a spectacular season thus far, turned in a subpar first half performance marked by pressure and blitzes that Homestead applied to the Eagles offensive line. The Mustangs mixed a number of blitz packages that lead to errant throws by Christopher. The Eagles only mustered six first-half points as they fell behind 21-6.

“Homestead was blitzing a lot with their linebackers making Lanman have to throw the ball quickly,” junior wide receiver Patrick McColl said.

The Eagles rallied in the second half as they put up 18 hard-earned points against a tough Homestead defense in the third and fourth quarters, but could never truly get a vertical passing game working. Instead, they tried to pick up yardage in smaller chunks.

“We went to more quick passes later in the game, and relied on Sean Lanoza running the ball,” Patrick said.

The defense had a particularly rough outing as they surrendered 21 points in each half, as the Mustangs broke outside containment that the Eagles defense applied to pick up larger chunks on the ground, both with their running backs as well as their quarterback.

However, the team will use this loss as motivation to improve as the season progresses.

“This was a good wake up call for our team, showing us that the road to a championship is not easy,” Patrick said. “I think this loss will motivate our team and that we will come back even stronger. This loss will certainly make it more difficult to make it to CCS, but we are far from out of playoff contention.”