Food Drive a Time to Give Back

ASB has decided to eliminate the competition aspect of the annual Thanksgiving food drive. Without competition between classrooms, ASB hopes to promote a more altruistic spirit throughout the school The food drive allows students and their families to give donated food items to Second Harvest, a charity that provides food for the less fortunate.

Last year, the school raised 12,000 pounds of food in its quest to give back to the community. With this year’s food drive, ASB is looking to raise more.

“I’m hoping that we smash last year’s goal because everything benefits other people,” Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said.

Despite last year’s record haul, concern was expressed regarding the morality of the competition with some teachers giving extra credit for donations from students. Many don’t believe that the elimination of the class competition will increase donations.

“Truthfully, I don’t really think that there will be an improvement,” sophomore David Ilishah said. “People usually donate to get the classroom prizes.”

Additionally, a minimum day cannot be offered as a prize due to regulations on the number of minimum days.

“Some students were giving to win, not to help those less fortunate,” ASB Vice President Becca Kaufman said.

Instead of a minimum day, ASB has decided the school prize will be a visit from the radio station 94.9 to play music for the school if the goal is reached.

“[Our contributors] give real help to real people at this type of year,” Becca said. “It’s especially good to give back to the community this season and give students an opportunity to help out as well.”

Second Harvest looks to help people within the community. With donations of canned meals, fruit, vegetables and other non-perishable products, the charity helps families with dependent children and others left in less than favorable living situations