Five Cars Involved in Accident on Intersection of San Antonio Road and Almond Avenue

At approximately 3:45 p.m. yesterday, October 15, a car crash occurred at the intersection of San Antonio Road and Almond Avenue. An ambulance, a fire engine and three police cars came to the site of the incident after five cars were directly impacted.

The accident occurred as a chain reaction. One student’s car collided with the car in front of it, sandwiching it between two vehicles. Substantial vehicle damage traveled as far as the third car’s bumper.

Several nearby students observed the crash from the sidewalk and from nearby cars.

“[My friend and I were] driving home and we came up to the intersection where the crash happened,” junior Natalie Fredrikkson said. “It looked pretty bad, at least two cars were probably totaled and there was glass everywhere with fluids leaking from the cars.”

Although one person was helped on a stretcher, no one else was physically injured during the accident.