Fire Alarm Sounds During First Period

The school fire alarm went off today, February 14, during first period at approximately 9:30 a.m. The administration had not scheduled a drill, nor was there any fire.

“The alarm system told us that the alarm was tripped in the cafeteria area though we couldn’t find any evidence of fire or smoke or anything,” Assistant Principal Galen Rosenberg said. “Our best theory is that some balloons that were released yesterday were floating around up on the ceiling and tripped the system lasers.”

After students waited on the football field for around 15 minutes, the administration allowed them to leave.

The strange Valentine’s Day surprise confused junior Naomi Palmer.

“The alarm really scared me because I wasn’t expecting it,” Naomi said. “I was writing a DBQ in USHAP when it went off. I’m pretty sure I screamed a little bit.”

Other students were grateful for the interruption.

“We were giving presentations in Spanish that had to be memorized,” junior Jake Can said. “Luckily, because of the fire alarm, a handful of us didn’t have to present and have a little more time to prepare for tomorrow.”

[Photo by Ciera Pasturel]