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With the impending doom of finals, Talon is here to embrace you in a big hug and tell you that YOU CAN DO IT! We have compiled finals advice from the most experienced at Los Altos, and at the bottom we have some healthy snack friends who will provide you with the brain power you need to ace those finals! Finals is a busy time, so we wanted to provide you with a few reminders that seem basic but are often lost in the chaos. Please enjoy!

May 22, 2018

Senior advice


Diana Gonzalez

My number one piece of advice would be to prioritize. Sometimes students spend so much time studying for a final that will not make a significant impact on their grade, so I would advise focusing on tests that will make a difference in your grade. Some of the study techniques that I use that work for me is making flashcards, and even though they do take a while to make, it is part of the helpful process and it is a great way to quiz yourself.





Jodie Bhattacharya

I would say that the best advice is to make a study schedule and stick to it because most of the stress from testing comes from the feeling of not being prepared. If you actually put in the time to study, at a certain point you have to let go and realize that there’s nothing else you can do and that you did the best you could. Spacing out your work and setting goals for each day is really useful for being prepared. The other thing is that it’s easy to get stressed about is the large amount of work you have to do, so it’s really important to focus on one assignment and go one day at a time and not start freaking out about how much there is in the future. A really interesting and helpful thing I read said, “rehearsing your troubles results in experiencing them many times, when you’re meant to go through them only when they occur, so don’t multiply your troubles by stressing out about what’s ahead”!


Jared Khan

Don’t put off studying until the last minute! Long-term satisfaction is always better than short-term satisfaction!






Charlie Tsunoda

I think the most important thing is to allocate your limited time wisely. And this naturally comes with having to be okay with not achieving to your highest standard ALL the time. If you can spend just an hour on a project and get a 95%, don’t spend another 6 hours on it just so you can get that extra 5%. Because we all know that most of the time, 95% is good enough and that extra 6 hours could be used way more efficiently on something that will benefit you in the long run.




Finals foods

Hi! I’m Barry Blueberry! A cup of me is full of healthy an- tioxidants which are good for your brain. They promote a good memory. I am also sweet and delicious, plump and wonderfully round!





We’re the trio Adam Apple, Bongo Banana, and Palmer Pea- nut Butter! All together we make a delicious and hearty snack. Adam is full of vitamin C to make sure you don’t catch a cold during fi- nals. Bongo helps your memory and is a great source for energy while Palmer is full of healthy fats. All of us are high in calories to give you the energy you need to push on!



We are Edward Egg and Guac Avocado! Edward is an eggcellent source of protein and Guac is great for some healthy fats! We nourish your body and your mind. Smush us on your favorite toast or some crackers to enjoy a protein rich and nutritious snack!






Hello Los Altos students! As finals approach, it is important to have a healthy breakfast to make sure you do your best. We are the Breakfast: Ottis Oat, the Carbohydrate, Cara Cinnamon, the brain, Andrew Almond, a healthy fat and Ryan Raisin, the sweet treat. Half a cup of Ottis with some milk gives you slow releasing energy. Combine us with anything you like to start your day off right!


The lone one, I am Gilbert Grape. Freeze me overnight to enjoy a hydrating snack. I will refresh you, regulate your blood pressure and I am a great source of sugar. Eat me before you eat that unhealthy ice cream; I am more filling. I am good for an on the go snack when you are jumping from tutoring session to session. Good luck with finals and remember to stay healthy.





Study tips


1. Is your brain melting? Take breaks! MIT researchers recommend studying with blocks of times with one-hour study sessions divided by ten-minute breaks.

2. Eliminate distractions; It is a proven fact that human brains can’t multitask, so put away your smartphone and block your computer. Download Cold Turkey to block distracting websites on your computer or set up Flowtimer to prevent yourself from looking at your iPhone.

3. If you have to listen to something while studying, listen to music without lyrics or white noise. We recommend using the app Tide for white noise.

4. Losing momentum in your studying? Use the two-minute rule. Set this goal: if a small task can be accomplished in two minutes or less, do it! This will help you get started and end your unproductive cycle.

5. Catch some zzz’s. While we all know that teenagers don’t get the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep every night, science shows that 10- 20 minutes is the perfect time for a power nap. Any more, and you risk becoming too sleepy.


Please brush your teeth, shower and wash your face. Maintain basic hygiene! You will feel rejuvenated and ready for your exams!




Eat well. Don’t just have a good breakfast on the day of the exam, eat well throughout the week. Have something filling but not too loaded with carbohydrates the morning before the test to prevent a slump.



Remember to pack the night before. We’ve all been there where you’re so exhausted you forget to pack your bags. Force yourself to have your pouch whether it be your flashcard that you can use for your exam, extra pencils, an eraser, a pen and a calculator.




Look at your schedule and set your alarm! You don’t want to show up to your fifth- period final when it’s your fourth-period final nor do you want to be late!




Put down that coffee! It’s tempting to drink those caffeinated drinks when you are feeling sluggish, but this can lead to a dependency. When you really need that energy it may not come! Instead, try having a cold glass of water or even taking a cold shower to pump yourself up.

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