Film Festival Hosted in Eagle Theatre

On Friday, May 24, the Film Festival was hosted in the Eagle Theatre from 7 p.m. onwards. Film Analysis Teacher Susana Herrera showcased the films which were nominated for the various awards during the night: Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Drama, Best Music Video, Best Stop Motion and Best Editing.

A panel of five judges decided the winners for these eight categories. Winners were given Oscar-like trophies and came before the audience to deliver short speeches, which often thanked those who helped out with making the films, and Herrera for both teaching and producing their works.

During school, students were excused from their periods to watch the films that Film Analysis students pieced together as part of their final project.

Below are the winners of the awards:

Best Direction: 

Pneumatic Detention: Nathan Hart

Best Screenplay:

Jock^2: Hannah Snee and Terrence Rabuzzi

Best Actress: 

Elizabeth Kristian from Beth

Best Actor:

Terrence Rabuzzi in Jock^2

Best Movie:

Jock^2: Hannah Snee and Terrence Rabuzzi

Best Music Video

The City and Its People: Amy Shannon, Shelby Mancini, Cori Blasing

Best Stop Motion

From Scratch: Gabi Wachs

Best Editing

Pneumatic Detention: Nathan Hart