Fight sends student to hospital

Several students were involved in a fight after lunch today, Friday September 11. One student was taken to the hospital. It is unknown whether other students sustained injuries.

The fight was reported by security liaison Heidi Galvez. According to Principal Wynne Satterwhite, “a number” of students were involved.

Satterwhite could not confirm the severity of the student’s injuries.

“He was serious enough that [paramedics] had to transport him,” Satterwhite said.

At least one fire truck and one ambulance arrived after the incident.

History teacher Stephanie Davey also alerted administrative assistant
Silvia Alcala after seeing a boy with a bloody nose walk past her classroom.

“I was concerned for his safety,” Davey said.

The fight took place in the hallway by the pool. Several spots of blood were found on the pavement during sixth period.

Between 15 and 20 students watched, according to a female sophomore, female junior and male senior, all of whom witnessed the incident.

“No one really knew what to do,” the female sophomore said.