Field Hockey Looks to Make Comeback

The varsity field hockey team has been training hard, practicing at 7 a.m. three days a week for conditioning and stick drills. On top of this, the team has played 25 minute scrimmages against other teams in an informal, four-week tournament hosted by Saratoga High School during the summer. The team competed well and placed third overall.

“I think our performance improved dramatically over the course of the tournament,” senior Nicole Atkins said. “At first a lot of us felt discouraged because we lost hope as soon as our opponents scored on us. I realized a major hindrance to our performance was our mental game—we did not play with enough drive or intensity, which explains how some players would give up throughout the course of a game.”

The team lost several key players after graduation. However, the fact that the varsity team has a considerable number of seniors filling these positions helps to lessen the damage.

“It is evident that our field hockey team has not had many victories in the past,” Nicole said. “However, I believe this year our team has the strength in skills and overall determination that will allow us to succeed in ways we have not in the past.”

The field hockey team’s first home game takes on Monta Vista High School, September 24th at 3:30.