Field Hockey Falls to Los Gatos in Shutout

Field hockey put up a strong fight today against the number one seeded Los Gatos in a game that ended in a 0-4 shutout.

Though the Lady Eagles were not able to score, they maintained their composure throughout a game riddled with injuries against a team almost twice their size. Several players emphasized the improvement the team has seen since their last match against Los Gatos.

Junior Samantha Albert created the most promising score opportunity of the game for the Eagles, which was unfortunately halted by a referee call, cementing Los Gatos’ lead. Senior goalie Audrey Miller-Foreman helped keep down Los Gatos’ points with several impressive saves.

“There was more cohesion within the team, and we passed and talked more,” junior Emily Webb said. “We unfortunately could not finish our deliveries…, but we are working on it in practice so that we can start racking up the points in a game and dominating teams.”

Though a tough game, the Eagles loss against Los Gatos this evening did little to weaken the team’s spirits.

“I think I speak for Coach Mary and the entire team when I say that I’m really proud that we made them work for that win,” junior Anneliese Gallagher said.