Festival of Lights Parade is Another Success

The Festival of Lights Parade took place in downtown Los Altos today, November 25. This annual event marked the 35th year for which stores and various groups of Los Altos have participated in the beginning of the holiday season in Los Altos.

The Festival of Lights Parade is a long-honored tradition in which stores contribute floats and local schools and groups walk in the parade. Some play music while others dress up in lit up costumes or ride on personally-made floats.

“I remember going when I was little [that] everything is lit up,” senior Morgan Jaffe said. “I would always make sure I got those light-up bracelets and be as bright as I could. I would always try to get in the front so I could see everything.”

High school students participated in the parade. Several clubs, including the marching band, walked in the parade while other students dressed up and joined in as different characters.

One tradition is the selection of three seniors that get to walk in the parade as part of the Snow Queen’s court. One of these girls, Morgan, participated in the parade as a fairy. Along with her, senior Hannah Hansen was the queen while senior Ellie Robertson was the other fairy.

Before the parade, Ellie got ready to walk through the crowds. Thrilled to be able to participate as a member of the parade her senior year, Ellie was dressed in costume with glittery makeup and a lit-up dress.

“I’m really excited, it’s going to be really fun,” Ellie said. “I have come to this event since I was little and I have always wanted to be in the parade so it’s exciting.”

The Festival of Lights Parade remains one of the most memorable events of the year for many people including sophomore Niamh Mcloughlin.

“I love the Festival of Lights,” Niamh said. “It’s the most cheerful time of the year.”