Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hosts Bake Sale

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is hosting another campus-wide donut sale before school tomorrow, December 5. Donuts will cost $1 each.

The FCA plans on using the money earned to distribute Gatorade drinks to sports teams throughout the school year. Without FCA fundraising, these items would usually be purchased out of the coach’s own pocket. The FCA also wants to use some of the money earned to host a dinner for the coaches.

“The bake sale is one of our major fundraisers as a club,” FCA member junior Derrick Lu said. “Donuts sell well because frankly, everyone loves donuts, especially in the morning.”

The FCA is a relatively new club that was chartered just last spring. Although the FCA organization has been around on many high school and college campuses, the club is new to LAHS.

“[The FCA] promotes the gospel, Christianity and Jesus’ message through athletic events,” Derrick said. “We’re a very open and tolerant bunch though, and we’d be happy to have anybody from another belief.”

The FCA hopes to contribute and give back to the community.

“From the last fundraiser, we donated $50 to the food drive,” FCA President junior Meghan McDermott said. “We hope to increase our charity [this time] through successful donut sales.”