Feed Me Good Food, Some Good Secret Food

When hearing the mention of Captain Crunch, one thinks of the sugary cereal that is the perfect breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. Little does one know that it also a drink available at Starbucks; but just not listed on the official menu. This, and many other daring concoctions, are available at these local food places, on the unofficial, “secret” menus. Here are some insider tips on how to talk a walk on the wild side and try some of the adventurous meals from these underground menus.



Known as the Corporate Joe for a cup of joe, Starbucks is always bustling with students getting their early morning coffee to help them through the school week. Though not on the official menu, the Captain Crunch, a Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino with toffee nut syrup, is definitely worth a try for hot and humid days. This perfect blend of ingredients creates the exact taste of the berries in the sugary cereal. When posed with the difficult choice between chocolate and vanilla, try the Zebra Mocha. This secret drink combines both creamy flavors to create a blend that satisfies the needs of all customers. For a little pick-me-up when there isn’t enough time to finish an entire regular-sized coffee, there is a smaller cup available for all hot drinks. Known as the Short cup, it is the size of a kid’s hot chocolate and is perfect for a few quick shots of some much-need energy.


Jamba Juice

This well-known smoothie chain is famous for its healthy smoothies, especially in a world obsessed with healthy foods and calorie-conscious diets. However, there are many not-so-healthy smoothie options at Jamba; they are just not listed on the menu.

According to Jamba Juice employee senior Marisa de Guzman, many of the recipes on the secret menu are ones that have been removed to make room for newer recipes, and also ones that employees have created and submitted to the Jamba Juice company. The most popular flavor on the secret menu is the White Gummy Bear, and employees have mastered the creation of this delectable treat to make it taste exactly like the gummy bear, although there are no actual gummy bears included in the recipe. Another popular drink on the underground menu is Endless Lime, a sugary smoothie that tastes just like a piña colada with a hint of lime, without the alcohol, of course. This, along with numerous other secret fruity flavors like Mango Tango and Lemonade Lightnin’ are available and can satisfy any customer’s hunger or thirst.

Pink Star, also known as Starburst, and other candy-flavored smoothies like Push-pop, Skittles, Fruity Pebbles, Now and Later, Sourpatch Kid and Strawberry Shortcake are also available. Jamba Juice employees will make you anything your heart, or stomach, desires. Just bring in the recipe and if they have the ingredients, they will whip it up for you on the spot!



The secret menu of In-N-Out is not really a secret because it is posted on the In-N-Out website. However, according to junior AJ Strom, who works at the In-N-Out on El Camino, “there are many other things that can be added or taken away from every burger or fries in order to satisfy the customer.

A very popular unlisted order is the animal style fries, In-N-Out’s famous real-potato fries smothered in its special sauce and fresh onions and doused in melted cheese. Fries at this fast food joint can also be made “well-done” or extra crispy and just give the cashier your request. IF the salty fries make you thirsty, order a Neapolitan shake. This creamy blend of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream will satisfy every taste bud. To keep up with the low-carb diets of today, In-N-Out also secretly offers a protein-style burger, a regular-sized burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.

For the daring and low-carb eaters, the Flying Dutchman is another option. This meal consists of two meat patties, two slices of cheese, and nothing else. Condiments can be added, but only if the customer requests them. Enjoy!