‘Fear Factor’ Reboot is Explosive

Five years ago, “Fear Factor” showed us that eating buffalo testicles, African cave-dwelling spiders and hissing cockroaches can be mindlessly entertaining. This past December, “Fear Factor” returned to prime time television and it is crazier than ever.

The show originally debuted in the summer of 2001, becoming an instant hit. “Fear Factor” offered a fresh perspective on reality television, accented with stunts and mental challenges that drove viewers to the edge of their seats. After a series of good ratings, the show began competing against the Goliath of broadcasttelevision, “American Idol.” After losing a majority of its audience to Simon Cowell and company, “Fear Factor” was cancelled.
Now airing instead in the less competitive 9 p.m. time slot, the show brought back its original host Joe Rogan to lead the pack and challenge contestants. Because of the immense popularity the show enjoyed in its original seasons, producers told audiences not to expect to see a lot of changes. “Fear Factor” will try to win back fans with a similar method to the one it used in the original series.

If you have ever watched the original “Fear Factor,” the first things you will notice about the new show is that it is now in HD and that Rogan looks 10 years older.

The stunts in the show remain as entertaining and fast-paced as they were in the original series. Whether jumping off a building or hanging onto a flying helicopter, contestants are pitted in the same overly dramatic stunts. With the show now in HD, the creators abuse the use of explosions, but one can’t argue with the results. The show is hands down one of the most thrilling shows on television.

The fan-favorite part of the show (better known as the gross part) will definitely not disappoint the audience with the challenges it has up its sleeve for the new season. Whether contestants are challenged to eat live scorpions, jump in a bath full of cow’s blood or drink a mixture of tomato horn worms, stink beetles, flies and spoiled milk, be ready to put your plate down for this segment and ask yourself: “Would I really do that for a chance to win $50,000?”

With a strong show of ratings in the first 3 weeks averaging over 7,500,000 viewers, “Fear Factor” has proven that it is back on television and here to stay. So if you’re bored on a Monday night looking for something to watch, fear not to grab the remote and turn on “Fear Factor.”