FCA Holds Donut Fundraiser

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) held a school-wide donut fundraiser before school started today, October 9, making $177.

FCA will use the money to distribute snacks and Gatorade drinks to sports teams throughout the school year–items which would usually come out of the coach’s pocket.

“Another one of our goals throughout the year is to do a coach’s breakfast/brunch and we [would] use the money to host that,” FCA President junior Meghan Mcdermott. “We also want to start giving back to go to community, but we haven’t quite gotten that far yet because we’re trying to get our feet rolling with the school, but hopefully our funds will go towards that.”

FCA was officially chartered last spring, but the idea and message for the club was formed before Christmas break.

“Our real message is using the influence of athletes and coaches to spread the word of Christ and we do that through the sports and the FCA community at Los Altos,” Meghan said. “But we’re very tolerant, very open and we love to have everybody, no matter what they believe in.”

The club differs from others on campus in that it has no main advisor nor any positions below the president.

“The way our club works is that we don’t have a set leadership group,” Meghan said. “What’s cool about our club is what have what we call the huddle, which is a whole team of leaders, which is cool because we all share the same responsibility.”