FBLA Competes in Bay Section Leadership Conference, 17 Members Qualify for States

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) members competed in the Bay Section Leadership Conference (BSLC) last Saturday, March 2. Of the 22 members who won awards, 17 qualified for the California State Leadership Conference (CSLC), which will take place in April and will be held in Santa Clara.

“FBLA BSLC was especially a little nostalgic this year since it was my fourth and final time,” senior Emily Cheng said. “Every year the conference is a little bit different, and every year Los Altos FBLA does better.”

The BSLC is a competition in which students from various schools take tests in individual and group events. The students or groups that place in the top five qualify for the state competition. The school’s FBLA members qualified for eight different individual events and four different group events. Additionally, seniors Jacqueline Liu, Catherine Hua and John Dai won first place in their group event for Management Decision Making.

“I’m really proud of our chapter this year for having a record number of students qualify for the next level, CSLC,” Emily said.

List of Winners:
Business Calculations: William Liu—5th place
Business Communication: Elaine Zhao—4th. Emily Cheng—10th
Business Law: Sitara Sriram— 8th
Creed: Michelle Deng—5th
Economics: Hongyi Shi—9th
Entrepreneurship: 3rd place team: Michelle Deng, Benjamin Marimon, David Xiong
Global Business: 2nd place team: Jerry Liu, Josephine Liu, Hongyi Shi
Health Care Administration: Veronica Mark—2nd, Sarah Jacobs—3rd, Jacqueline Liu—9th
Hospitality Management: Cayley Ho—5th, Alina Chen—8th
Introduction to Business Communication: Krishna Ammini—2nd place, Allison Mock—3rd place
Introduction to Technology Concepts: Michele Tom—7th place
Job Interview: Katherine Liu—5th, Faith Chan—8th
Management Decision Making: 1st place team: Catherine Hua, Jacqueline Liu
Marketing: 3rd place team: Sarah Jacobs, Katherine Liu, Elaine Zhao
Public Speaking II: Riley Soward—4th place
Spreadsheet Applications: Faith Chan—5th place
Technology Concepts: Jerry Liu—5th place
Word Processing II: Benjamin Marimon—4th place