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Falafel’s Drive-in serves falafel full of flavor

In-N-Out move aside—there’s a new drive-in in town. Falafel’s Drive-in is offering up a hodgepodge of hummus and a plethora of pita, and it’s doing this cheaply, conveniently and—most importantly—deliciously.

Located at 2301 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Falafel’s Drive-in is a fast food restaurant that primarily features Mediterranean food, such as falafels and gyros, although it also offers some traditional American food such as hot dogs and hamburgers.

The falafels and the gyros are the primary attraction of the Falafel Drive-in. The falafel sandwiches contain chickpeas, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, tahini sauce and an optional hot sauce, all wrapped inside a pita.They are indeed quite tasty. The green falafel balls, crispy with ground chickpeas and spices on the inside, are spicy and very delicious. The other parts of the falafel sandwich, like the cucumbers, are crisp and cool and manage to complement the spice of the falafel.

The gyros are not quite as good as the falafel sandwiches. The primary difference between them is that the gyros have meat instead of falafel balls. The meat is moderately tasty. They are also a bit heavy and not as tasty as the falafel sandwiches.

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Customers should beware the hot sauce and tahini sauce. Both are usually slathered on the gyros and the falafel sandwiches and are extremely spicy. If people are usually sensitive to spiciness, they should request no hot sauce or tahini sauce on their food.

Customers can also order several different sides including french fries, onion rings, hummus and pita chips. The french fries and onion rings are salty and greasy (meaning delicious), and the hummus and pita chips form a delicious combination.

The prices at the Falafel Drive-in are relatively cheap and fair compared to the large portions. A small falafel sandwich costs $4 while a large one is $5.50. The gyro is $5, the falafel salad costs $7.20 and the falafel-and-banana-shake combo is $7.50.

The restaurant is not actually a drive-through, as some people might assume based on the name, but rather an open-air fast food restaurant. Service can be slow, as there is usually a very long line at meal times. However, the workers are very friendly and good about getting meals out. During lunch, they have the falafel orders premade, as a majority of customers order falafels, so service is much quicker.

However, as the servers call out numbers for customers to pick up their orders, the system can get rather chaotic. Occasionally, orders do get switched and perhaps a gyro is served instead of a falafel.

The packaging and serving of the food is not quite up to par. The restaurant wraps the falafels in paper, puts the milkshakes into styrofoam cups, and all utensils are plastic.

The restaurant itself is rather small, though there is sufficient seating. The tables are open to the street but are covered by an overhang. Parking is also difficult, as the tiny parking lot only has room for about six cars, and parking on the street can be difficult since Stevens Creek Boulevard is a very busy road.

Overall, although the parking is a challenge, the presentation of food is lacking and lines are too long, the Falafel Drive-in is well worth a visit because the most important feature of the restaurant, the food, is tasty and very delicious.

Taste: 4 out of 5
Price: 4 out of 5
Service: 2 out of 5
Ambiance: 1 out of 5

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