Facilities Plan Proposes Two-Story Classroom Structure, Student Services Building


Similar to the 900 wing, the MVLA School District proposed Wednesday to create two more two-story buildings for more classrooms and student multi-use space.

By Emma van Geuns, Arts and Culture Editor

The MVLA School District unveiled a proposal at a planning meeting Wednesday to create a two-story student services and administrative building to replace current administrative offices, create a two-story classroom building to replace the current 600 wing and portable and enlarge the small gym.

The proposal comes in light of the district’s expectation that the student population will grow to 4,576 students by the 2021-2022 school year. The proposed student services and administrative building is intended to provide more space for students to socialize, study and eat.

The changes are part of a preliminary version of the Facilities Master Plan, which will create a roadmap for the district’s facilities for the next decade.

Students and teachers gave their input on the proposals to provide feedback for the preliminary plans at the meeting. Architects will present the final Facilities Master Plan at the board meeting on Monday, October 23.