Eye on the Pupil: Kira Labuda

Every extra minute you spend in the shower wastes nine liters of water. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours.
While these thoughts are not typical for most students, for Green Team co-president junior Kira Labuda they are second nature.
Kira was first inspired to take a stand for the environment while attending her sixth grade science camp, Walden West.
“My [Field Class instructor] was a total hippie,” Kira said. “She seemed really chill, and … we had competitions to have no waste after we ate. After coming home from that I just got into it.”
From that point forward, Kira became an environmental junkie. She began to alter numerous aspects of her daily routine in order to be more respectful toward the environment. Some of these positive changes included re-using cereal box bags as bathroom trash liners and fully shutting down her computer every time she left the house.
Upon entering high school, Kira jumped at the chance to become a part of the Green Team, which was then known as the Environmental Club. She explains that the officers were a big help in pushing her to be more outspoken and excited about the environment through their own enthusiastic attitudes and pro-green projects.
“I remember really liking the officers and looking up to them, since they were older and therefore way cooler than me, and really fun people,” Kira said. “One of them was a hard-core tree hugger type—a self-converted Buddhist [who] would pack his lunch in jars.”
As a part of Green Team, Kira aids in paper recycling, cardboard flattening and recycling, fundraisers and preparation for the weekly meetings.
The Green Team is also currently working on a number of projects, including an ongoing ink cartridge recycling fundraiser, preparation for the upcoming Earth Week activities and spreading awareness on campus. It recently designed and crafted buttons displaying environmental messages to sell at the Holiday Faire.
While playing such a significant role in Green Team is an enjoyable experience for Kira, she also takes pleasure in knowing that her actions are truly helping people.
“[Green Team is] definitely a motivation for me,” Kira said. “It makes you feel so good and so excited about what you’re doing. …I like being able to work on projects, and get things done and be like, ‘Wow, we’re actually making a difference.’”