Eye on the Pupil: David Robinson

Student Chef Begins His Own Catering Company

Cooking is an art form that is not generally very popular within the high school environment. However, entrepreneur and senior David Robinson is trying to change that perspective with his new business.

After having enjoyed cooking for years, David recently started his own independent catering service called “Altos Catering.” His services, which are open to everyone and offer a wide ranger of foods from appetizers to dinner, allow his clients to enjoy a variety of flavors. Though his service is just starting up and not as established as other bigger catering companies, David is proud of his personal approach and low prices.

“I really like the challenge of cooking, the attempt to achieve perfection, and the satisfaction that people enjoy what I eat,” David said.

David learned to cook mostly “through television shows” and created most of his recipes himself through trial and error. Thoug he hasn’t taken any cooking classes and doesn’t participate in Culinary Arts at the school, he believes he’s become quite successful through self-education. At the beginning of his cooking career, however, this level of experience just didn’t cut it. Other local chefs and potential employers turned him away for his young age and lack of training.

“Whenever I applied to jobs at local restaurants, I would only be doing prep work,” David said. “They didn’t believe I had value.”

Finally he decided he’d take matters and ingredients into his own hands. David began to advertise and spread the word about his own company by word of mouth, and soon his hard work and determination paid off. He began to find jobs and got noticed not only by friends, but other local families who had heard about his food.

“My first job was Mrs. Dyckman’s retirement party,” David said.

Now David continues to refine his unique cooking style and is always looking for new gigs in town. David says that over the years many famous and professional ches have influenced him, but in the end he has come to rely on his own ideas and creations.