Extinction Should Be the Fate for ‘Cavemen’

“Cavemen” planted its hairy feet onto the television October 2. It is on every Tuesday at 8 p.m., and is based on the GEICO car insurance commercials.

The show stars three cavemen named Joel, Jamie and Nick, who have found lives in the suburbs of Atlanta. The three struggle through co-existing with their homo sapiens counterparts and attempt to defy the popular misconception that cavemen are simplistic and intelligent.

From dating to attending prestigious universities, the cavemen not only seem to be a prosperous group but also are unwilling to appear as anything less than modern or “cool.”

They seem in many ways superior to homo sapiens. The three supposedly earned degrees at schools such as Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh and Penn State University, which is more than many homo sapiens can actually say for themselves.

The just don’t brush their hair and badly need razors.

Seeing life through the eyes of an intellectual caveman is a unique perspective because society has never witnessed such a demographic group before.

But originality doesn’t necessarily mean entertaining. And it just so happens that this show is not entertaining, too sarcastic and confusing to watch.

The producer never gives any reason as to why cavemen suddenly appeared in Atlanta, why they want to fit in with modern humans or how they apparently already fit in so well (even while the ABC plot summary implies that they have trouble fitting in with the rest of society).

How the cavemen ever obtained such intellectual enlightenment and development will most likely remain a mystery. Also, the spontaneous appearance of cavemen in the suburbs is not only puzzling but ridiculous.

The show doesn’t seem to be particularly special or even funny. Most of the humor is really nothing but bits of confrontational sarcasm that are intended to be funny, but come off as stuck-up and out of place. The puns that are actually understandable are all typical and overused pick-up lines or sexual innuendos.

Watching Neanderthals flirt with blondes isn’t satisfying. Additionally, scene changes are abrupt and the cavemen look very similar, making the show hard to understand.

In other words, “Cavemen” tries too hard to be funny and just ends up being a messily thrown-together lump of random humor that doesn’t make much sense.

The cavemen should just stay in their own century, where they belong. Those hairy, wandering feet can talk a walk somewhere else instead.