Entertainment How-to: Make a Spud Gun

Have you ever dreamed of launching a potato? Do you want to impress your girlfriend with your amazing potato gun? Well now you can. The potato gun, also known as the spudzooka or spud gun, is one of the most common food guns people make at home. Consisting of a few items, the gun can launch a potato up to 200 feet and leaves the gun at around 400 miles per hour if made and fired correctly.
Although the gun may be pricey depending on the type you make, this is an inexpensive gun ranging around $30. All of these parts can be found at your local hardware store, besides the hairspray at a salon. These are the steps to make and fire a spud gun.

Making the Spud Gun
You will need a bottle of hairspray, 4 inch PVC fitting cleanout adapter, 4 inch PVC coupling, 4 by 24 inch PVC pipe, 2 by 4 inch PVC increaser reducer, 2 by 48 inch PVC pipe,and a flint lighter with attaching accessories. Ask a worker at a department store for help when shopping.
First, you should cement all of the PVC pieces together and then clean and prime the joints. Next, drill a hole in the middle of the 4 by 24 inch PVC pipe and attach the flint lighter using all of the hardware that comes with it. Finally, sharpen the rim of the 2 by 48 inch pipe with a file or sander and in four steps you have a potato gun ready to launch.
Potato guns are also made in a variety of different ways. There is the dry ice spud gun. In this spud gun, the sublimation of the dry ice builds the pressure to fire the potato. There is also the hybrid spud gun that uses both dry ice and air pressure to fire the gun. These types of potato guns are known to fire over 1000 meters.

Launching the Potato
Making sure that you are in an empty area, load the potato into the barrel and with either a stick or something else that is long (no fingers), push the potato all the way to the back making sure it is snug.
Spray your hairspray into the open end of the gun for about two seconds as your “gun powder.” When the coast is clear hit the igniter button on the ligh and watch the potato fly.
With any kind of gun, one must be careful, because firing vegetables at extremely high speeds could severely injure someone. Consequently, make sure no one is around when firing your new spudzooka. These guns can shoot very fast and have the potential to do quite a bit of damage.
It is also advisable to wear eye protection when constructing your gun and firing your potatoes. Nonetheless, pressing your igniter and watching your potato crash into a million pieces is always a pleasure.