English Teacher Bounces Back from Broken Leg

English teacher Michael Moul has been absent since Friday, January 17, after suffering a broken femur in a snowboarding accident.

Moul teaches three sections of World Literature, one section of AP English Language, and advises the Talon, all of which have been taught by Emily Goodheart for the last two weeks as a result of the accident.

According to English Department Coordinator Keren Robertson, Moul is expected to return to teach his third period AP English class this Tuesday, February 4, and periods one through four on Thursday and Friday.

“It’s important to remember that while I think I can do this, [the plan is] still a bit of a question mark,” Moul said. “That being said, I wouldn’t be coming back if I thought I wasn’t ready.”

Moul said he is very thankful to Goodheart for taking over his classes as well as Robertson, English teacher Caitlin Hannon and the school administration for organizing substitute plans.