English Department to Hire New Teacher

Following former Assistant Principal Ralph Cave’s retirement and English teacher Galen Rosenberg’s promotion to the position, the English Department has begun the search for Rosenberg’s replacement.

The department posted a job offering online for a full-time English teacher at the beginning of winter recess, and English Department Coordinator Keren Robertson reviewed the submitted applications upon returning from break. Interviews will be held tomorrow, January 6.

After spending the next week shadowing the classes he or she will be taking over, the new teacher will begin work Tuesday, January 17.

“We have some great applicants, so it looks like we’ll get somebody really strong,” Robertson said. “I’m really excited about it.”

The combination of Rosenberg’s departure from the English Department and English teacher Kathleen Ginder-Vogel’s move to Wisconsin has resulted in the need for a full-time teacher who will be able to take over all of Rosenberg’s classes. Teachers have consequently reshuffled some of their classes.

“We’ve done some shuffling of courses within the department,” Robertson said. “Mr. Rosenberg’s schedule was pretty hard to cover and his second period class was the same time as [Ginder-Vogel’s] class, so we did some shuffling, and the new person will teach two periods of AP Literature and three periods of [Survey and Composition].”

The English Department will make further adjustments among to accommodate the new teacher. English teacher Michael Kanda will take Rosenberg’s American Literature class and give up a Survey and Composition class, English teacher Jonathan Kwan will take Rosenberg’s English Literature class and give up a Survey and Composition class, and English Teacher Lindsey Regoli will take what was Ginder-Vogel’s World Literature Honors class and give up a Survey and Composition class.

Rosenberg is optimistic about the situation.

“As far as the transition and my classes are concerned, I’m really confident that all my classes are going have really good teachers,” Rosenberg said. “Whether we’re transferring LAHS teachers right now, or the person we’re going to hire, I think the fact that we are taking some time now means that the students are all going to end up with good classes through the second semester.”

Rosenberg also feels positive about his upcoming experiences at the school as Assistant Principal.

“I’m excited about the challenge, and I’m learning new stuff every single day,” Rosenberg said. “I’m sure [that is] going to be true for many months into the future.”

The movement will ideally be settled by the students’ return to school after the MLK break. Students will have their designated teachers at that time for the rest of the semester.

“We’re just really, really going to miss having [Rosenberg] in the department,” Robertson said. “It’s sad for us, but happy for the school.”