English Department Rearranges Schedule to Accommodate New Teacher

The English Department will implement schedule changes to a selection of English classes starting tomorrow, January 17.

The switches will be made because two English teachers have left the department. Since former English teacher Galen Rosenberg has been promoted to Assistant Principal and former English teacher Katie Ginder-Vogel has moved to Wisconsin, a new teacher, Margaret Bennett, has been hired to fill the position.

In a letter to affected students, English Department Coordinator Keren Robertson cited the departures and subsequent rehires as reasons for the adjustments.

“In order to cover all of these changes, we’ve had to do a little course shuffling,” Robertson said in the letter.

The periods affected by the switch include second period American Literature and fifth period English Literature. Second period’s new teacher will be English teacher Michael Kanda and will be relocated to room 403. Fifth period’s new teacher will be English teacher Jonathan Kwan and will be relocated to room 504.

Senior Olivia Santiago’s class will affected by the schedule change.

“I’m excited for Mr. Rosenberg to be starting a brand new chapter in his life,” Olivia said. “But, I’m sure the new teacher will be great as well.”

All of the courses at the school are team planned, so a change in teachers will not change any class’s curriculum. Students will cover the same material and be assessed in a consistent manner by their new teacher.

Senior Kevin Stangl will also switch to being taught by Bennett.

“I’m hugely disappointed,” Stangl said. “Mr. Rosenberg was an excellent teacher, and I’ll really miss him.”