Ellie’s Editions: September 2022 Month in review

This fall — despite the wafts of cinnamon and pumpkin spice — we’ve learned that love isn’t real. 

#Try Guys

One of Youtube’s most beloved couples, Ariel and Ned Fulmer, proved love isn’t in the air. While Reddit isn’t always the most trustworthy platform, the online rumor that Ned had cheated was revealed when the Try Guys released a statement on their official Instagram account.

An hour after the post, Ned confirmed having a “consensual workplace” relationship, emphasizing the word“consensual” as if that would make the gossip any less intense. 

Ned’s personal Instagram still has the biography section filled with Ariel’s account tag and the label, “My wife.” His signature “my wife” comment on every video was his whole personality, so I guess he got sick of himself too.

With that being said, it seems that Ariel and Ned are planning to “[work] on their marriage” and prioritizing their two children (and of course their dog Beanie).

Love is not mixing in the air this month.

#Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew

Fall is the only and best time for seasonal pumpkin flavored drinks. The new pumpkin spice cold brew drink is back for its fourth season at Starbucks. 

This fall drink is only for coffee lovers. The poor ratio for cold brew to pumpkin spice foam tastes like pure bitter cold brew in the end. Skim the top for a little bit of pumpkin foam, then dive into the rich and bitter drink — it’s a splash of the season to your everyday coffee.

For kids, I’d recommend the classic pumpkin spice latte which is sweeter and tastes like a melted fall candle in a sip. 

#Grandma Sweaters

Who doesn’t love a chunky and warm sweater that reminds you of your grandma? They’re knit, cozy and sometimes even smell like your grandma — slightly musky, a little bit of perfume and of course an aged aroma.

There’s a certain nostalgia of being wrapped in the comforting embrace of a warm sweater against the growing cold weather. 

Happy pumpkin spice, cinnamon and cozy season! Happy September!