Ellie’s Editions: August 2022 Month in review

Is August considered summer or fall? If it’s back-to-school night, but you’re at a party, does that mean it’s summer?

I would like to classify myself as a glass half full type of person, so with my hours of homework and the only solution being sleep deprivation, at least I get to share my new summer wardrobe until winter, or tell people I’m Team Jeremy with way too much aggression.  

#Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever been so entertained by watching an actor kiss an actress who’s two-thirds his age. Somehow, it has been proven that watching Devi and Paxton makeout in hallways is comedy at its highest. Her biggest struggle? Her parents somehow butt their way in, like all the adults who cringe at puppy love. With another season, season three is great to binge-watch when you’re procrastinating. “Never Have I Ever” is a zestful insight into high school with more drama and minimal homework. 

On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has an impressive 94%. I give it a 90%. 5% deduction for all the unnecessary gossip, and another 5% for my least favorite character being the main character.


“Her” is Megan Thee Stallion, and she is cruising her way through the music industry with her new album Traumazine, with over 6 million views on Spotify and Youtube 

Her new song is a statement for all her haters, telling them “ciao, bella!”

#What’s in my Capri Sun

You can’t convince me that Capri Suns are not the bombshell of all juice boxes. Same thing goes for when I say Pacific Cooler is the best flavor. Followed by the classic lemonade and strawberry kiwi (who thought of putting these fruits together?) and even with the wave of hatred for wild cherry, it’s on the top of my list. 

On TikTok, you’ll find a shocking number of people cutting open their Capri Suns when it tastes funny to reveal a surprise maggot or piece of fungi. Please check expiration dates, and juice is always best served cold.

This week, the company has announced that this particular weird aftertaste is due to a spillage of cleaning solution. Wild cherry, the only flavor impacted (and therefore recalled), may now be titled “Wild Cleaning Cherry.” 

Happy back to school! Happy August!