Editorial: Bruins, Pepper, Fligor for Los Altos City Council


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By November 8, Los Altos voters will choose three candidates to fill the open seats on the Los Altos City Council. Of the six candidates running, The Talon endorses Jeannie Bruins, Jan Pepper and Neysa Fligor.

Sustainable and appropriately planned development is imperative to the future of the city. Although the current City Council may not have perfectly prioritized these specific interests, it has certainly moved in the right direction, and should continue to make such progress. In particular, the visioning process that is currently in progress exemplifies collaboration between councilmembers, local business owners and residents, a very necessary aspect in the development of the city. In order for the City Council to be able to continue in the same direction, they need qualified and capable candidates — most certainly including incumbent councilmembers Jeannie Bruins and Jan Pepper, along with newcomer Neysa Fligor.

Jeannie Bruins

Photo courtesy of Jeannie Bruins.

Photo courtesy of Jeannie Bruins.

With her previous experience on City Council and her pragmatic attitude, Bruins is more than qualified to be on the council once again. She emphasizes the importance of planning carefully and effectively, as is evident through her support for a ten-year financial forecast for the city. Bruins’ aim to approach problems by gaining a comprehensive understanding of them before creating solutions is an essential characteristic of a councilmember. While many involved in the planning and development of downtown have already come to conclusions about height limits on buildings, Bruins stressed the necessity of examining more data, specifically an economic analysis, before making any decisions. This attitude, which is also shared by the other two candidates being endorsed, is a key attribute of an effective city councilmember.

Jan Pepper

Pepper shares many of the same qualifying characteristics as Bruins — she has also previously served as both a city councilmember and as mayor, and looks to approach

Photo courtesy of Jan Pepper.

Photo courtesy of Jan Pepper.

issues in a similarly practical manner. Of the features unique to her, Pepper’s focus on environmentalism and increasing community engagement were significant factors in The Talon’s decision to endorse her. As CEO of Peninsula Clean Energy, she holds a strong background in environmental matters and understands the importance of clean, renewable energy for the city. Pepper’s drive to involve the community and keep the city environmentally friendly make her an essential addition to the City Council.

Neysa Fligor

While Fligor may not have the same experience as Bruins or Pepper, she makes up for it with her dedication, focus

Photo courtesy of Neysa Fligor.

Photo courtesy of Neysa Fligor.

and positive attitude. Fligor, although not a previous city councilmember, currently serves as the vice chair of the city’s Parks & Recreation Commission. Before that, she was the vice chair of the Grant Writing Committee, conveying significant involvement in and dedication to our local government. Fligor has a firm understanding of the importance of approaching issues broadly through research and consulting, as she demonstrated at the October 6 candidate forum. She is willing to take on new strategies to improve existing standards, such as exploring investment options for the city’s reserves in order to get a higher return. Fligor’s collaborative attitude and prioritization of traffic issues demonstrate her capability to be a beneficial member of the City Council.