Economics and Government Classes Hold Mock Elections

Seniors in both regular and AP economics and government classes participated today, October 30, in a mock election for the upcoming presidential, senatorial and proposition elections. Similar mock elections are occurring statewide in high schools and are coordinated through “MyVote,” a program that is put on through the California’s Secretary of State and Superintendent of Public Education.

“The student mock elections were done to get the kids to think about what issues are in the upcoming election and how they would vote,” said AP Government and AP Economics teacher April Fritz. “Then we are going to tally it up and we are going send in the results to the state to see how the students at Los Altos compare to those in the rest of the state.”

Seniors were given a ballot with presidential nominations, senator nominations and propositions 31-40. Fritz went over some of the propositions today in class, and the students conducted further research with a general proposition guide book. Although the economics classes have had the opportunity to talk about it in discussions pertaining to current events, the elections have been the center focus of this semester’s government classes.

“It’s all we’ve talked about,” AP Government student senior Ellie Robertson said. “We have basically been covering the election as it unfolds, which is awesome because we learn about government along the way but can apply it to the election.”

Ellie said it was interesting to research the propositions and discuss why people voted for different measures. Her AP Government class discussed what they voted for in their table groups after casting their vote on topics which ranged from taxes to the death penalty.