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Eagles Crush Lynbrook Vikings in Homecoming Game

The varsity football team played the school’s Homecoming game today, September 24 and defeated the Lynbrook Vikings 28-14.

The Lynbrook Vikings belong to the El Camino Division, which the Eagles have left for the higher De Anza Division this year. LAHS currently maintains a losing record of 0-2 for this season.

After junior Melissa Goldman sang the “Star-Spangled Banner” before spectators, the Eagles received the kick off.

The first quarter showed weak offense and strong defense from both teams. The Vikings came close to a touchdown when they tried to pick up their second down on 2nd and 2 with a pass to their receiver at the endzone, but it was intercepted by senior Chris Jimenez, who had also deflected a pass in the first down.

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The game seemed to pick up during the Eagle’s possession when senior Bemi Onipede rushed for 40 yards to the 62 yard line for a first down. However, it was followed by a penalty against senior Josh Tabula and two incomplete passes to Bemi.

The second quarter was characterized by a multitude of lost opportunities for the Eagles, the worst during which Lynbrook was able to capitalize on an interception with one yard to the goal.

Quarterback senior Todd Grimm’s pass to the endzone was intercepted by the Vikings’ quarterback Austin Brady, whom Todd then tackled at the goal line. This caused a penalty against LAHS, and Lynbrook took possession with one yard to the goal and scored the first touchdown of the game before also scoring the point after touchdown.

Two more of the Eagles’ passes were lost to Lynbrook–one during the 4th down at the 10 yard line, another during a timeout called by LAHS when junior Conrad Rodgers fumbled a complete pass from Grimm and Lynbrook took possession of the ball at the ten yard line again. LAHS and Lynbrook followed up by each calling timeouts.

With 36 seconds left on the clock and 62 yards left to go, Todd threw a pass to Bemi who was down at the 9 yard line. However, Todd got sacked on the next play, and with eight seconds left, senior Harry Simmons kicked a desperate field goal that went wide left.

“I would say they played horribly in the first half, but really well in the second,” Coach Bill Waggoner said.

After halftime performances by the cheer team, dance team and marching band, the Eagles kicked off. The Vikings started at the 20 yard line but failed to get a first down. The Eagles took possession at the 25 yard line, and after a pass to Bemi, Todd handed the ball to senior Siaosi Schneider for the Eagles’ first touchdown. Harry scored the point after touchdown.

During the Eagles’ next possession, Todd’s pass bounced off Bemi before a pass interference was called against Lynbrook. With 1st and 10 at the 39 yard line, senior Daniel Eaton ran left for another touchdown. Harry again scored the point after touchdown.

Not to be outdone, Lynbrook tied the game during their possession when quarterback Austin passed to a wide open receiver for the Vikings’ second touchdown.

With 10 minutes and 50 seconds left in the 4th quarter, the Eagles scored their 3rd touchdown followed by the point after touchdown by Harry.

Todd later threw a series of passes to senior Josh Tabula, one of which he caught in an anticipated TD run but was tackled on the 23 yard line. However, Josh made it to the 15 yard line in the next play, earning the Eagles another first down.

After a false start, the Eagles were pushed back five yards, when Todd threw an incomplete pass to Bemi which referees then judged to be a pass interference from Lynbrook. With 2nd down and goal to go, Todd threw an incomplete pass to Conrad. The Eagles called a timeout and Todd handed off to Siaosi for the last touchdown of the game.

“Hopefully [this victory] will give [the team] a lot of confidence… a sparkle that they need,” Waggoner said.

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