Downtown Los Altos Gets Exciting With Opening of Main Street Sports Bar

Growing up in Los Altos means finding fun without much assistance and not expecting the senior citizens to find the hot spots. Fun and excitement certainly cannot be found downtown, unless hair salons, nail salons, antique stores and coffee shops are considered a form of adventure and spontaneity. However, there is finally a place for sports fans—the First and Main Sports Lounge.
Some may think that it is hard to find, but a close-up inspection reveals that. Though it may come as a surprise to some, this restaurant can be found at the intersection of First Street and Main Street in downtown Los Altos.
Now, what does the average teenager look for in a local place to hang out? Well, it helps if it stays open after dark. By staying open past a five-year-old child’s bedtime, it automatically attracts some customers. It opens at 11:30 in the morning Monday through Friday and at 10 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. The kitchen usually closes at 10 at night.
Another great aspect of the bar is that it has 13 televisions with different channels. This means that two televisions do not need to feature the same sporting event, but instead can show different games. The seating gives the customer an excellent view of multiple televisions, resulting in many forms of entertainment.
Although it has excellent food, there is the price problem. Some appetizers cost $5 or more. Main courses can cost as much as $24 on the dinner menu. Although the food is good, be aware that it requires very deep pockets. There are great burgers that will make just about anyone full, and although the drinks are expensive, customers receive unlimited refills. Appetizers include onion rings, garlic fries and stuffed potato skins. Some of the main meals range from spaghetti to grilled chicken.
There are many high-definition televisions that almost always show good games. One of the most attractive aspects of the sports bar is that it contains fans, some who have had a few too many and yell at the games on the screen every now and then.
All around, it is a new and fun place to spend part of an action-packed day in Los Altos, but unless someone else is paying, it is not the place to go regularly.