Download unheard beats at Datpiff

The new music website easily fulfills the cravings of music junkies in every genre. Offering mix tapes of music that has not yet been released as well as the work of underground artists, the site is fresh and original.

The website holds tons of music that can beat the majority of mainstream music. The site is not hard to browse, which makes the entire process much more enjoyable.

As soon as the homepage pops up, featured mix tapes with original music are just a click away. Users can listen to any playlist, regardless of whether the browser is a member of the website. However, in order to fully download music, one must become a member. The sign-up process is easy to complete. No personal information is required except for an email address and password. Membership is free, which is a pretty good deal because members can download three mix tapes per day.

Most of the music offered is hip-hop and rap, but reggae can occasionally be found in addition to other genres. From there though, tons of artists that fit into those categories can be found. Some of the artists aren’t big time singers, but their music is quite good. Users can also find top notch artists such as Lil’ Wayne and T.I. or legends like Tupac and Biggie Smalls. The site gives people the opportunity to hear a variety of rising talents as well as hear the tracks of well known artists. A large variety of musical talents is demonstrated within the site. For example, if people need old school hip-hop to beat drop to the ground, then the mix tape by Tupac and Bone Thugs called “Ten Years Gone” and “D.O.A.” can do the job. If people are looking for something new that’s not well-known in the Bay Area then Chalie Boy’s album titled, “I’m Here” will give a taste of how artists do it down in Texas.

Besides being a good source of music, the website helps people keep up with news about rising and already popular artists. People can chat with others with similar musical interests on the websites forums.

Furthermore, the site gives people the opportunity to show off their skills and let their beats flow. People can upload mix tapes that they have created themselves and receive feedback on their newest work. holds something for everyone who is looking for new music and can hook listeners on beats that will get their rhythms flowing.

“It’s a good place to get music, especially if you like less mainstream music,” senior Donato Ortiz said. “If you just want the new music for a newfound artist trying to make their name heard, you can find it. Plus, it’s all free.”