Dodgeball Season Kicks Off With a Bang

It’s that time of year again. The season when athletes become champions, the time when upsets and come-from-behind victories can crush championship dreams–has finally arrived. After months of anticipation, dodgeball season is here.

And after two days of initial games, the tournament promises to be a good one. Powerhouse teams The Avengers, Syrup, Panda Express and YMT have all advanced to the second round with byes, so we have yet to see the strength of the top seeds. However, teams such as Free Stop Sign (which won 3-0) and The Goon Squad (which won 2-0) have shown promise after first round domination.

ASB should be commended for successful seeding so far–no powerhouse teams have been eliminated prematurely due to poor matchups, and most games have played out as predicted. But there have still been many exciting games–Chunche’s Revenge took down the ASB Dodgers in a heated battle today, and many other matches have been close.

The first round, which will cut the number of teams to 32, will take place until Thursday, May 17. On Friday, May 18, the intensity will pick up as strong teams match up against each other, contending for a spot in the sweet sixteen.

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