Dodgeball Recap: Round 3

Court A:

Short Bicka vs. Peedo Encendido (2-1 Short Bicka)

Following senior Hector Lopez’s catch with four minutes on the clock, the Covington crew found themselves in a bit of a hole, one game down. The Covington crew was unnerved, however, and with a quick flurry of balls won the second game with ease, tying the score at 1-1. When senior Andrew Bray stepped over the line, it appeared as if an upset was imminent, but senior Joey Malegisini’s throw with 20 seconds remaining ruined the possibility and secured the win 2-1.

Court B:

The Dodgefathers vs. Phat Boi Fresh (3-0 Dodgefathers)

If you were to compare the players on the Dodgefathers with those on Phat Boi Fresh, you would probably jump to the assumption (as I did) that the overpowering Phat Boi Fresh would have an easy path to Round 4. But, the Dodgefathers with their quick throws, good hands and nimbleness proved quite clearly that size does not matter. The Dodgefathers won the first two games with relative ease and managed to get a third with just two seconds remaining on the clock, winning 3-0.

Freshman Phenoms vs. The Illers (2-1 Freshman Phenoms)

When a player on the Freshman Phenoms held the ball for too long and the Illers caught a series of balls, the Illers were up 1-0 and threatened to upset. For the remainder of the match, the Phenoms maintained their composure and fought back, winning the next game in 2 minutes and knocking four players out in the third game. The Freshman Phenoms won the match 2-1 by virtue of having more players, four to the Illers one.

Sean Baker & The Cakers vs. IKEA (2-1 Sean Baker & The Cakers)

Starting off the game, the ball slipped from last year’s Playa of the Day’s hands, senior Aidan Mahoney, but after a few touches found itself safely within the hands of his teammate Daniel Golub. In an odd next couple of seconds, Aidan was taken out anyhow by a ball to the shoulder from Sean Baker & The Cakers. Without their Playa of the Day, the team managed to still weed out Sean Baker & The Cakers one by one until freshman Audrey Jones remained. Audrey personally took out two players on IKEA, but IKEA managed to finish her, subsiding fears of a comeback.

In the second game, yesterday’s situation repeated itself, as the lone wolf senior Julia Goupil ducked and dodged balls and the clock ticked. However, this time, the Sean Baker & The Cakers managed to find their target, and tied the score at 1-1.

With 10 seconds left on the clock, senior Aidan Mahoney caught a floating ball from Sean Baker & The Cakers. However, when The Cakers caught senior Riley Soward’s ball, The Cakers reversed the tide and won the nail biter 2-1.