Dodgeball Recap: Round 2 Days 1-2

During the second round of dodgeball, several games proved to be nail biters, foreshadowing some incredible dodgeball for Thursday, May 21. As the number of teams remaining dwindles, the competition grows stronger and more crazy games are sure to occur in the final two days.

Round 2 Day 1 Highlights:

Short Bicka vs. Average Throws (2-0):

Team Short Bicka took a quick early lead, winning the first game with ease, but the second game proved to be far more difficult for the Covington crew. Average Throws came out very strong with many catches and solid throws stunting Short Bicka in the second round. But with only two players left, Short Bicka made a key catch to switch the tides in their favor and secured a place in the third round.

Catch you on the Flip Side vs. Fruit Fighters (1-0):

Using their gymnastic skills, Catch You on the Flip Side managed to dodge the large amounts of balls the Fruit Fighters fired for the first two minutes. Ultimately, the flips and turns began to falter, and Catch You on the Flip Side lost the first round. The Fruit Fighters played solid, making both catches and throws to get the elusive gymnasts out. Fruit Fighters maintained their lead in the second game to advance.

Round 2 Day 2 Highlights:

The Illers vs. ASB JK (1-0)

This matchup consisted of just one game spanning the entire five minutes. Catches were very prevalent, maintaining high numbers on either side. In the final minute the Illers began to fall behind. Junior Matt Sucharczuk of the Illers was the last man alive facing up against three ASBers. Matt took the game into his own hands, eliminating three ASB JK members and finally won the game by taking out junior Larry Antiporda who was rolling on the ground in an attempt to dodge. The Illers will move on to play Thursday.

IKEA vs. Team Global (1-0)

Team IKEA came out strong, winning the first game. However, as the next game began, IKEA lost control. Suddenly senior Julia Goupil found herself the lone wolf on her side. With senior Dave Duffman and history teacher Gabriel Stewart up against her and just over a minute and a half left on the clock, the game appeared just about over. Julia, however, proved to be more even more elusive than the players on Catch You on the Flip Side. She proceeded to dodge increasingly desperate throws until the clock ran out, ending Team Global’s run. The final score was 1-0.