Dodgeball Recap: Round 1 Days 2-3

Round 1 Day 2:

Court A:

Hard Ballerz vs. Bay Area Karl Watchers (2-1 Hard Ballerz)

Hard Ballerz vs. Bay Area Karl Watchers pitted two junior-heavy teams against each other. Hard Ballerz had some serious athleticism and size in its players with multi-sport athletes juniors Patrick McColl, Thomas Kelleher and Rebecca Andrews and senior Duke Myers and the second highest scorer of the basketball season, junior Daniel Rosenbaum, and defeated the Bay Area Karl Watchers 2-1. Hard Ballerz advance and will face off against the Trynna F(x) on Tuesday, May 20, in round two of the tournament.

Don’t Stop Ballievin’ vs. Yearbook (2-1 Don’t Stop Ballievin’)

Don’t Stop Ballievin’ and Yearbook appeared pretty evenly matched from the get-go, with some back in forth action early on. Though Yearbook took a slight early advantage, some big catches by Don’t Stop Ballievin’ turned the tides and allowed it to pick off Yearbook players one by one. Don’t Stop Ballievin’ took down Yearbook more quickly in game two, and Yearbook’s late rally in the game was too little and too late. Game three of the matchup went down to the wire as Yearbook made a huge late surge with two catches in a row with a minute left. As Yearbook rallied, it outnumbered Don’t Stop Ballievin’ 6-3. But just as it seemed as if Yearbook was going to take game three, Don’t Stop Ballievin’ countered with swift throws and several catches. In the finals seconds of the game, Don’t Stop Ballievin’ eliminated four of Yearbook’s players, taking game three by having more players standing (three to Yearbook’s two). Don’t Stop Ballievin’ advances and will play Dyl Syndrome on Tuesday, May 20, in round two of the tournament.

The Dodgefathers vs. Lil B Production (1-0 Dodgefathers)  

The Dodgefathers took a 1-0 lead early  on and were in control, but a Lil B comeback quickly threatened to force an overtime sudden death.  Sophomore Joe Kull put his team on his back and with the rest of his team out with just a minute left, he not only survived, but managed to eliminate two of the four standing Lil B Productions players. Joe made a clutch catch in the dying seconds of the game to turn the tables in favor of the Dodgefathers, ensuring them a win by way of having more players standing. The Dodgefathers advance and play the Jelly Beans on Tuesday, May 20, in round two of the tournament.

The Heaters vs. Axis (Double Forfeit)

Neither the Heaters nor Axis showed up to its match, meaning both teams forfeitted.

Practice Round

A practice match was played on Court A in the fourth time slot of the day.

Court B:

Trynna F(x) vs. Team Katie (2-1 Trynna F(x))

Trynna F(x) took advantage of its throwing power (with four of its players being water polo players and one a softball player) from early on, taking game one against Team Katie in stride. Team Katie, however, was able to come back in game two. Trynna F(x) took the win via the tournament’s most players left standing rule in game three. Trynna F(x) advances and will face off against the Hard Ballerz on Tuesday, May 20, in round two of the tournament. In a turn of events, Team Katie is back in the tournament. Team Katie lost one of its players to illness minutes before the game, and were allowed back into the bracket. Team Katie will play in the last group of round 1 matches on Monday, May 19.

Dyl Syndrome vs. Fruit Basket (2-0 Dyl Syndrome)

Dyl Syndrome advances and will play Don’t Stop Ballievin’ on Tuesday, May 20, in round two of the tournament.

Jelly Beans vs. That’s So Fetch (3-0 Jelly Beans)

The Jelly Beans made short work of That’s So Fetch, eliminating all of That’s So Fetch in a blistering 40-second first game. That’s So Fetch had no response to the Jelly Beans throwing and couldn’t rally. Game two finished in similar fashion, with That’s So Fetch unable to eliminate a single Jelly Bean player. Game three was slightly more closely contested as That’s So Fetch was able to make two catches, but the Jelly Beans quickly came back to dominate. Sophomore Eddie Melchor, with quick dodging and accuracy, put an end to round three. A fourth match was not pursued. The Jelly Beans advance and will play the Dodgefathers on Tuesday, May 20, in round two of the tournament.

Phat Boi Phresh vs. Bean Burrito (3-0 Phat Boi Phresh)

Phat Boi Phresh simply had too much throwing power in this matchup, with a strong football presence in the team. Led by junior Sami Fakalolo, Phat Boi Phresh made quick work of Bean Burrito. Phat Boi Phresh will play a team that is to be decided at another time on Tuesday, May 20, in round two of the tournament, as neither the Heaters nor Axis showed up to their game.


Round 1 Day 3: 

Court A: Cluck Dynasty vs. Dummy Fuh Bruh (2-1 Cluck Dynasty)

Heavy favorite Cluck Dynasty took on Dummy Fuh Buh, in what appeared to be a similar mismatch. It quickly developed to be the most exciting game of the day. As the match began Cluck Dynasty proved just why it is arguably the tournament favorite by taking game one with sheer athleticism.  More, however, was in store in the second game. Dummy Fuh Buh was able to catch its opponents off guard with key catches and successful throws. A key point in game two was when senior Alex Liua dropped his ball in order to catch another, which, although was a very heads up play, was against the rules, forcing him out of the game. Cluck Dynasty was down to their sole player, senior Sophia Hyver, who got out on an attempted catch. With this win, the gym’s cheers crescendoed into a roar as it appeared that the possibility of an early first round exit for a heavy favorite was imminent. However, they were quickly silenced as Cluck Dynasty regained its composure and returned with a vengeance, leaving no trace of doubt of its dominance in game three. Though one loss proved to be a small blip in the road for Cluck Dynasty, it may not be able to afford to do so again in a later round. Will another team be able to put the pressure on Cluck Dynasty early on and potentially derail its championship run? That remains to be seen. Cluck Dynasty advances and will face off against The Robotics Team on Wednesday, May 21, in round two of the tournament.

Wrestlers Only vs. The Squad (2-0 Wrestlers Only)

Wrestlers Only took out The Squad with superior throwing power and some nifty dodges-elimination combos, including slide dodges and fancy footwork. Wrestlers Only advances and will play  on Wednesday, May 21, in round two of the tournament.

The Illers vs. Volleybaes (3-0 Illers)

The Illers clearly established themselves as the dominant team in this match early on, ending game one in just over two minutes. Though it was a shut-out, the Volleybaes were not without impressive plays. Sophomore Harrison Beck delivered big with an elimination of junior Dane Grosvenor in game two, while sophomore Nathan Smith made a big catch in an effort to turn the tide. Unfortunately, he was hit right after his catch, bringing the Volleybaes down three players to The Illers’ four. Perhaps the biggest play was made by the Illers’ junior Matt Sucharczuk, who made an impressive dive-catch to end game two and bring the gym to its feet. The Illers advance and play the ASB JK on Wednesday, May 21, in round two of the tournament.

Ball or Nothing vs. BDCT Darya (2-0 Ball or Nothing)

Ball or Nothing advances and plays the Freshman Phenoms on Wednesday, May 21, in round two of the tournament.

Court B: The Robotics Team vs. 5 Chicks 1 Douglas (3-0 Robotics Team)

The Robotics Team advances and will face off against Cluck Dynasty on Wednesday, May 21, in round two of the tournament.

Catch You on the Flip Side vs. KOMAJI (1-0 Catch You on the Flip Side)

In perhaps the tournament’s most colorful squaring off to date, Catch You on the Flip Side (gymnastics) challenged KOMAJI (ASB’s second team). In a surprising turn of events, neither team KOMAJI or its opponents Catch You on the Flip Side won a game, leaving Catch You on the Flip Side victorious by having more people at the end of the game. According to Assistant Principal Christy Dawson, a scoreless game until the final seconds of the game is unprecedented. Catch You on the Flip Side advances and will play Wrestlers Only on Wednesday, May 21, in round two of the tournament.

ASB JK vs. All Dodge (2-1 ASB JK)

ASB JK advances and plays The Illers on Wednesday, May 21, in round two of the tournament.

Freshman Phenoms vs. Dodgeball (Freshman Phenoms 3-0)

The Freshman Phenoms showed that they had not only not lost a beat since their impressive performance last year, but are a serious force to be reckoned with. The Phenoms’ catching and throwing abilities were very apparent as they eliminated all of Dodgeball within 50 blistering seconds. Games two and three ended similarly, and game four was played, just as a formality. The Freshman Phenoms play Ball or Nothing on Wednesday, May 21, in round two of the tournament.

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