Dodgeball Quarterfinals Feature Opposite Ends of Spectrum

The dodgeball quarterfinals today featured two blowout victories and two of the most exciting games of the tournament.

On one side of the bracket, the Avengers took on Globo Gym while IKEA took on Free Stop Sign. The Avengers dominated their game, winning four games in five minutes. Free Stop Sign also coasted to a victory against IKEA, the team that pulled off an unbelievable upset against the heavily favored Syrup. While IKEA played a tight first game against Free Stop Sign, it just couldn’t pull together enough catches to bring another upset. Free Stop Sign will play the Avengers tomorrow in the semifinals, where the Avengers will be favored to reach the finals.

On the other side of the bracket, Pancakes took on Not in the Face while the Chef Game played Bick’s Bear Cubs. While the other side of the bracket had blowouts in their quarterfinal matchups, these games were two of the best of the entire tournament.

Not In the Face almost pulled off an incredible upset against Pancakes, the team that has rolled through every previous opponent in the tournament. The teams split the first two games and when the time ran out in the third, Pancakes had four players while Not in the Face only had three. Seniors Ben Wiederholt and Auden Johnson played extremely well, with almost enough amazing catches to take down the “stacked” Pancakes.

In Chef Game’s matchup against Bick’s Bear Cubs, the hero of the match was a substitute for Chef Game. Junior Anthony Bello was unavailable for the game, and junior Jason Spielman took Anthony’s place. Jason didn’t do much in the first two games, but in the third game, when Chef Game was down two men to three, Jason made a key catch and fired the ball to get a player on Bick’s Bear Cubs out. He gave Chef Game a three on one advantage, which was just enough for the team to squeak through with the victory.

Chef Game will take on Pancakes tomorrow, where there will be the highest level dodgeball of the entire tournament. It is probable that there will be a Pancakes versus Avengers finale, in which Pancakes will win. However, the beauty of dodgeball is that anything can happen. One catch can completely swing a game, and any team can go down as seen today. It would not be surprising at all if Chef Game or Free Stop Sign made the championships.

The only way to find out is to come to dodgeball tomorrow at lunch and watch some amazing games.