Dodgeball Preview: Teams to Look Out For

Dodgeball is upon us. The first 16 teams out of 64 teams total played in round one of the tournament today, May 14. Here are a couple of teams for those in the stands to look out for over the course of the tournament. Each year, senior-heavy teams are typically well represented in the later rounds and this year looks to be no different.

Cluck Dynasty: After two losses in the semifinal round in two years, Cluck Dynasty is looking to take the final step and secure a championship this year. The team consists of all seniors: Chase Eller, Alex Liua, Kelly McConnell, James Olsen, Steven Lee and Sophia Hyver. They are without doubt in championship contention given their past performances and stand at the top of our favorites list. However, with multiple losses in the semifinals in past years, we’ll have to see if they have what it takes to be the dodgeball champions.

Short Bicka: Short Bicka too is a strong senior team that lost in the semifinals, this time due to an ill-advised throw during sudden death. Short Bicka is comprised of all Covington Elementary alumni: Joey Malgesini, Raag Uppuluri, Nikhil Raman, Katie Tritschler, Bryan Lai and Andrew Bray. Their long standing team chemistry has helped them in prior years and may be the key to a championship run this year.

Hard Ballers: A newly formed team consisting of juniors Daniel Rosenbaum, Patrick McColl, Thomas Kelleher, Rebecca Andrews, senior Duke Myers and head varsity baseball coach Donnie Ecker. With a number of baseball players, this squad is likely to have some strong throwing arms. Though they are mostly juniors, this is a crew to keep an eye on as the tournament progresses.

Bubba Gump: Will Scheetz, Briham Gonzalez, Victor Ruiz, SeanLanoza, Alex Marin and Elena Strawn. This is a group not afraid to get their hands a little dirty laying out for a catch or a dodge. With the quickness of varsity running back Sean Lanoza and the hands of varsity wide reciever Victor Ruiz, this team has some weapons. Bubba Gump already has one win under its belt; the team made short work of the E-lemon-ators today in their first round game, cruising to a 3-0 win.

Freshman Phenoms: Although they are not freshmen this year, the Freshman Phenoms are looking for a far run for their sophomore year. As a freshman squad, the team went surprisingly far, even giving Cluck Dynasty some trouble last year. Cole Botsford, Katie Munro, Matthew Heintzen, Trevor Rodgers and Bailey Thayer return with experience from last year and may very well be in championship contention.

Past Our Prime: Past Our Prime is made up of seniors Sam Lisbonne, Jordan Stout, Kimberlyn Tilley, Surya Ram, Ryan Seltzer and math teacher Mr. Chaffee. With the exception of mathematics teacher Matt Chaffee, all are water polo players and will not be lacking in throwing power. Will they be able to thrive in a game that is played both on solid land and in actual clothes?

Finally, there are some teams that may not be favorites to win the actual tournament, but may win your heart with their creative and humorous names: Trynna F(x), Volleybaes, The Dodgefathers, Dodge Majal.

Los Altos, stay tuned this year for another exciting tournament filled with knockouts, impressive catches and sudden death wins.