Dodgeball Player of the Day: Jared Shing

Alone on the court, junior Jared Shing takes his position against three players. Outnumbered, Jared doesn’t seemed fazed, flicking his eyes from player to player as his teammates watch from the sidelines. In an instant, two balls spiral at him, with a third following closely behind. Jared sidesteps the first two and catches the third, allowing one of his teammates back in and helping to secure a victory for his team, the Los Altos Seagulls.

Jared, today’s Dodgeball Player of the Day, wowed crowds through his resilience despite repeatedly being the only member left standing and his nimbleness in catching and avoiding balls on the court. The Seagulls beat the Dodgeball Deeps in the last round of matches for the day, bringing them one step closer to the finals.

“It felt great,” Jared said. “I was pretty excited after we won because I was expecting [to] lose. I’m especially excited to go on to the next round because my team is a bunch of nerds, and we weren’t suppose to get past the first or second round, so it’s been going pretty well. ”

Jared’s small stature makes him a fast and difficult target for opponents to hit. This match, he avoided being hit throughout the entire game, a rare feat.

“The past two games I didn’t do great, but this game I felt like catching everything [thrown],” Jared said. “I didn’t throw a lot, and most of my shots were aimed towards their feet because it was mostly catching dodgeballs that I was focused on.”