Dodgeball Player of the Day: April 27, 2016


Kunal Pandit

Math teacher Matt Chaffee is the dodgeball Player of the Day for his outstanding contribution to the Average Throws victory over Dodge Gadgets 4-0. Before the game, many viewers can see the beloved “Chaffee Cannon” being warmed up through routine exercises such as throwing and catching the ball off the wall.

“Since I am over twice as old as the kids I’m playing, I need to warm up my shoulder for some time,” Chaffee said.

Many attribute Chaffee’s illustrious dodgeball career to natural born talent, but when asked how he does it, he gave a modest response.

“Lots of years of experience,” Chaffee said. “Lots of ice and rest.”

Chaffee yet again illustrated his value to the Average Throws. Over the course of his five minute performance, Chaffee had an unbelievable six catches and three throw-outs. Watch Chaffee dominate the court tomorrow, when they play Brr Gang.

Make sure to bring your A-game if you want to be Talon’s dodgeball Player of the Day.