Dodgeball Player of the Day (5/19): Alex Barreira

Day four of round one brought some more strong performances, albeit some lopsided matchups. Impressive plays were made by many players, including former Talon Dodgeball Player of the Day senior Aidan Mahoney, but we’ve opted to feature one of our own: senior Alex Barreira.

Though Alex’s team, Hannonball, did not secure the win it needed to advance to round three, Alex made a valiant effort throughout each game of every match to make a comeback.

Alex was consistently the last player of his team standing, but, rather than being shot like a fish in a barrel (as many players are), he would hold his own through sheer skill and determination—catching a few balls, dodging a few balls, and turning the tides when all hope seemed lost. Alex’s efforts did not end up in a win, but deserve recognition.

Now, with round one over, expect more players to contribute more clutch plays. Dodgeball is just starting to heat up—don’t miss round two!