Dodgeball Player of the Day (5/21): Julia Goupil

Today’s Dodgeball player of the day was awarded to senior Julia Goupil. With her team IKEA up by a game, she was able to avoid being hit for over a minute and a half in order to secure her teams victory.

“Stalling is a good way to put it,” Julia said. “It wasn’t the first time in my dodgeball career that I’ve had to stay alive to allow my team to win, so I figured that I could do it.”

All of Julia’s teammates had been eliminated, and she was left trying to avoid throws from three players on Team Global. One of the opponents stepped on the line, making the contest a 2 on 2 battle; Julia was up against senior Dave Huffman and history teacher Gabriel Stewart.

Julia dodged and evaded a barrage of throws as the clock ticked down and the game ended. Her heroic performance earned her player of the day and more importantly helped secure her team’s victory.