Dodgeball Game of the Day (5/23): Freshman Phenoms vs. Bubba Gump

After its ludicrous win over Cluck Dynasty in round three of the tournament yesterday (, Bubba Gump appeared to have a secure grip on the championship title after taking out the heavy-favorite. Surprisingly and somewhat anticlimactically, Bubba Gump had none of the momentum it had built up from yesterday’s huge upset victory over Cluck Dynasty in its game against the Freshman Phenoms. The Freshman Phenoms outclassed Bubba Gump with relative ease in a surprising turn of events and another big upset that likely nobody predicted.

Bubba Gump was at a deficit from early on, as sophomores Trevor Rodgers and Chad Dowdell’s hands were on display, taking out Bubba Gump’s seniors Will Scheetz, Alex Marin and Victor Ruiz, arguably the most clutch trio of the tournament after their performances yesterday against Cluck Dynasty. With only juniors Sean Lanoza and Elena Strawn left standing, the Freshman Phenoms made quick work of Bubba Gump, ending game one.

If Bubba Gump had hoped to make a comeback, it would have had to been made at this point. And for a tense few seconds, it seemed as if a comeback may have been possible, as Will miraculously caught a ball that bounced out of teammate junior Briham Gonzalez’s hands. But in the back and forth firefight that ensued—with Chad taking out Will, Briham being eliminated, Alex Marin pegging Chad and finally, Alex getting hit—Bubba Gump’s toughest were forced to observe from the sidelines. In a repeat ending of game one, only Bubba Gump’s Sean and Elena  were left alive. Sean put up a strong effort, dodging a volley of balls, but was taken out by a catch by sophomore Bailey Thayer, ending the match 2-0 Freshman Phenoms.

In the end, Bubba Gump just couldn’t put together the necessary components it needed to to take on a well-oiled team like the Freshman Phenoms. The Freshman Phenoms were able to take out Bubba Gump’s big guns early on and prevent the absurd catching-spree that Bubba Gump put on against Cluck Dynasty and cruise to victory.

This match, like yesterday’s game, had far reaching consequences for the tournament. In defeating Bubba Gump, the Freshman Phenoms took out one of the toughest teams left in the bracket, and what initially looked like the most dangerous, considering its huge win just the day before. The Freshman Phenoms, through this win, essentially clinched a championship berth in this round in surprising, but dominant fashion.